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Xinguang Power Battery International Arena "Full Power"

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Xinguang Power Battery International Arena "Full Power"
Latest company news about Xinguang Power Battery International Arena "Full Power"

      A few days ago, the 15th All Japan Formula Student Japan (Formula Student Japan) was held in Ogasa Mountain Sports Park, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. As one of the high-spec races in the Formula SAE (Formula SAE) international series, the high-performance power battery developed by our company has helped the Wind Power Team of Liaoning University of Technology achieve good results.


      It took only 45 days for our company to customize the power battery for the Wind Power fleet of Liaoning University of Technology from design and development to delivery of the finished product, and successfully passed the new car test. In the competition, the team won the second place in the electrical circuit design award, the third place in the efficiency award, the rookie award, and the finish award.


     Recently, in the production workshop, four technical backbones are intensively upgrading the technology of a racing battery returned to the factory for maintenance. More than 300 red and black interwoven and densely packed wires, dozens of battery templates, are embedded in the battery box about 30 cm × 30 cm, the parts are intricately arranged, and a little carelessness may cause the entire battery to be scrapped.

"The power batteries of racing cars are demanding in terms of craftsmanship and performance, and most domestic battery manufacturers will not easily take orders." The company technician said that the racing car has a small space and the power battery has strict requirements in terms of weight and volume. , As small as a screw must be screened layer by layer to ensure compliance with standards. Unlike most power battery manufacturers, the battery structure independently developed by our company takes into account both waterproof and heat dissipation, more stable performance, longer service life, and more suitable for racing.


     The connection between Xinguang Lithium Battery and the Formula Student car is to start with the 2016 China Formula Student Car Race. Last year, Xinguang Lithium was commissioned by Zhengzhou University's Formula E team to design formula racing power batteries. Because of its excellent technology and outstanding performance, it passed the test of the organizing committee at one time and gained a good reputation in the college student racing circle. As a result, orders followed one after another.


     Yesterday, the 2017 China Formula Student Car Race was in full swing in Xiangyang, Hubei. In this year's competition, the electric motorcades of 7 universities including Liaoning University of Technology, Jilin University, South China Agricultural University, Dalian Nationalities University, Hubei Automotive Industry Institute are all equipped with our company's power batteries, and Xinguang power batteries shine in Xiangyang.

    Our company is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales of intelligent power lithium battery power system products. At present, Xinguang controls the product quality by optimizing the battery management system and assembly integration technology. The effective number of charge and discharge of the battery pack is more than 1,000, the service life is more than 8 years, and the mileage can exceed 150,000 kilometers. The relevant indicators have reached the domestic advanced level.


    In recent years, due to the continued positive development of the new energy automobile industry, many domestic power battery companies have launched expansion plans. Overcapacity has quietly approached. The problems of insufficient high-end high-quality production capacity and low-end overcapacity in the power battery industry have emerged. Xinguang Lithium Battery has opened up another market and developed in a dislocation with other large battery companies. It has not only emerged in the racing field, but also actively explored new areas.

    At present, our company's power batteries are used in Gree Group AGV transport vehicles, Beijing Top Rail Track Technology Co., Ltd. track maintenance vehicles, etc., and have established good cooperative relations with well-known enterprises such as Dayang, Shifeng, Jinpeng and so on. At the same time, our company actively cooperates with universities, and the products are applied to the electric tractor experimental platform of Henan University of Science and Technology and the electric bus experimental platform of Zhengzhou University, and the collaborative innovation and development of industry, university and research.

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